Ready. Switch. Go.


OMNIA is latin for "all." Switch out your base to change the function of the bottle. The "all-in-one" bottle is almost here.



  • SHAKER Base

    The first and only base currently in development, the SHAKER Base turns your OMNIA Bottle into a shaker bottle. This base helps you store your powder, then directly dispense it into your OMNIA Bottle with a push of a button.

  • SMART Base

    The SMART Base turns your OMNIA Bottle into a smart bottle. Connected to your phone via Bluetooth, this base will help you maintain healthy water drinking habits by notifying and guiding you within an app.


    The PURIFYING Base turns your OMNIA bottle into a purifying bottle. Activated charcoal helps filter out chemicals and contaminants found in drinking water around the world. A necessary travel companion.

  • SPEAKER Base

    The SPEAKER Base turns your OMNIA Bottle into a Bluetooth speaker. Connect to a media device or put on the radio to play music and party, relax, or play sports outdoors with your friends or family. Charge other devices as well.


This base will transform your bottle into the best and most convenient shaker bottle out there.




    This base holds roughly 100g of powder. That's typically 3 scoops. Other bottles have a hard time fitting just one. Go ahead and mix your protein with some BCAAs. There's enough room.


    The storage area that holds the powder seals itself after the powder has been deployed, preventing you from having to wash and dry the base in between uses.


    Press and hold the button located on the side of the base to open the latch door that releases your powder into the bottle. When satisfied, release the button to close the door.


    Never worry about losing and replacing your little whisk ball again. Attached to the base is a built-in agitator with curved edges that help you mix your powder into a smooth shake.

Coming Soon!


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The world's plastic waste is out of control, and it's only getting worse. With the OMNIA Bottle and your help, WARE Fitness hopes to reduce the amount of plastic bottles being disposed. Make your switch from disposable to reusable.

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Which base(s) can I pre-order?

Currently, the only base that is able to be pre-ordered is the Shaker Base. The other bases' development stages will just be starting if we pass their stretch goals.

Can I switch the Shaker Base for another base if the stretch goal is reached?

Unfortunately not. Because the development process is in the very early stages for the other bases, their timelines are different. They are all associate with an app that is yet to be developed. Therefore, it will be a little while until they are able to be shipped. Until then, I hope you enjoy the Shaker Base! Of course, you can always choose the standard bottle perk if you really don't want the Shaker Base, but I suggest to just try it out!

Will the bases be sold separately?

Yes, the bases will be sold separately. This allows you to keep your original bottle and have your bases handy. It's like having a shaker bottle, smart bottle, purifying bottle, speaker bottle, and any other kind of bottle we can think of tucked away in your kitchen cabinets, however, you only have the coinciding bases and not the whole bottle. Now I'm thinking of making a cool box or container to hold all your bases in!

Where does it ship to?

How are we going to stop worldwide plastic pollution if everybody doesn't have access to this great bottle? So I'm proud to say the OMNIA Bottle will ship worldwide. Good thing I'm no stranger to international shipping. Shipping to the US will be a flat $5 and everywhere else will be $30 (import duties not included).

What happens if the campaign doesn't reach it's goal?

In that case, depending how close it is to reaching it, I might find a way to fulfill the remaining funding needed. If all hope is lost, however, a full refund will be given to you and all other backers.

Does it come with a warranty?

Absolutely! The warranty details will be sorted out and on the WARE Fitness website by the time we ship the product.

Are there any other colors?

Short answer is no, but I have drafted six other colors that can be seen on the WARE Fitness website. However, I'm unsure of the demand for each. If you like a certain color, please  mention it to me in your pre-order. If there is enough demand for a color I will do my best to make it happen. Customer satisfaction is my utmost priority! So if you love a certain color, make it be known! This is where Indiegogo's backer feedback tools come in handy!

Why is the cap shaped like that?

The cap is actually meant to double as an ergonomic handle! As well as a quirky design element. If this bottle is meant to go everywhere with you, I figured I'd give it an easy way to be carried around. And what better way than a bucket-like handle.